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THS WARRIOR | BP | XIV | i'd tap that

oh shit.

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"I love— I have a very close soft spot for Karen. I love Karen. She’s my great, great friend. And she’s just so ridiculous, I can’t even begin to tell you. Y’know, she seems like, "[imitating Karen’s accent] Oooh, nooo, I’m in a world of my own," but actually, she’s very smart, and she’s really clever, and she’s very funny, and she’s a great drinking buddy as well, so…I’d run through a brick wall for Kazza. I would.” -Matt Smith

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when u forget to do ur homework and ur teacher doesnt collect it


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"you’re doing fine"

excuse me while i die alone. 

"you’re doing fine"

excuse me while i die alone. 

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Some people asked if I wanted to post the pictures from the #Scandal Memento design, I edited them quite a bit before I used them, so I’ve added my original screencaps as well!


i don’t post much of scandal stuff, get ready for it

What does my guy say?

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What does my girl say?

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